Director’s Message of De voyager Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Being from Hotel Management background, he excels in each and every aspect of being a Hotelier. Served in the industry for about 5 years with good Organizations, he only quit to make his own empire one day. As we say Conquerors are always winner and he proved this by trying to make such a COMPANY, which acts as a representative for the hotel in various city.

And today after running this organization from last 8 years he has now made his own level of BRAND and reputation in the market. He is a guide, a friend and a philosopher to his Colleagues. Being a part of his Organization he wants his people to be on toes till our BUYERS are not fully satisfied. He has various plans to make DE VOYAGER HOTELS, one of the leading brands of INDIA in its cadre. He is the vision beyond which no one can think and nor even try to think, he is an example in his own and for other to follow as well.

His motto to give his customers the utmost satisfaction without compromising on standards and price.